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Press Release

October 2003


     Songwriter/musician Bob Hollister and Longwing Records are excited to announce the release of Bob’s new CD “Intuition”.  This collection of 13 new original songs features old friends Colleen Crosson on vocals, Steve Trismen on violin, Mike Olson on bass, and John Magnie (The Subdudes) on accordion.  Also performing on this CD are Christian Teele (from NPR’s “E-Town” radio show band) (drums), David Hollister (djembe and congas), Dave Beegle (electric guitar), Brian Mullins (mandolin) and Pamela Robinson (soprano sax).  Recorded by Dave Beegle at The Dawg House in Loveland, Colorado, this CD is a musical journey through the heart of the Montana prairie, the heart of an evolving man, and straight to the heart of the matter....with songs of celebration and joy, tragedy, love, fear, spiritual evolution, and humor...the full realm of the human condition.  Continuing the tradition of Bob’s first two CD’s “Grey Rain” (1993) and “Out of the Mainstream” (1995), “Intuition” covers a lot of musical ground...from sweet folky love songs to straight-ahead rock with attitude....from simple memorable melodies to more complex, multi-dimensional acoustical compositions...all rendered with warmth and compassion.  This CD rocks and also rolls.  

     Bob lives and writes his music on his land in south central Montana and is currently touring nation-wide to promote his new crop of songs.  To find out more about Bob and his music please visit his web site at 

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